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Poster: brendanmcauley Date: Dec 20, 2005 7:29am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Good News and an Apology: GD on the Internet Archive

'Thanks for everything on this site in the past few years' is what I want to say. Right on to all of you who took the time to put YOUR SBD's on this site. It's a lot of work to convert cassettes to digital medium and it says so much about the community that people came out of the woodwork to share and experience great tunes by wonderful heartloving musicians.

They are the dead's SBD's, though, even if we have them, too. As has been mentioned, no one ever authorized patching into the SBD at shows. Only audience taping.

MY SOLUTION to all of this is as follows;

Make this site or something similar to it, "Dead Affiliated" and start letting the community self propel the musical experience and allow shows to be freely downloaded by offering a membership to the site. YES AT A FEE. This is very fair. We become/remain part of a club and get great music and share it amongst eachother, reconnecting with old memories.

Hell, Phil and Bob are basically in there 60's, aint none of us getting out of here alive; so let's make the music available NOW.

Besides, the more who get turned on help assure us all of a more balanced and reasonable and progressive thinking person. We, politically, need this music out there. We need to help others open their minds and ears to what power dance and music can bring to one's happiness. The greatful dead is the last of the available great American Experiences.

Yes, this site helped do all of this. Yes, a fee is fair. Yes the Dead will make more cash this way. The downloads are nice to buy on teh dead's site, but if you don't like the setlist or already have it you don't buy it-even if its just oen song!

Deadheads want dead music. Give it to us. Let us pay for it. 1 million heads will pay 100 bucks each for a life time membership ( 25% goes to REX) and there you have it. 100 million bucks,
I will head up the marketing...this safeguards fans adn the band and all of its mouths to feed.